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Next time your car tells you it needs service, including Carburetors, Ignition Tune-Ups and Fuel Injection, visit San Diego Carburetor at 6622 University Avenue or call (619) 265-2400 and take advantage of our professionalism and 25 years experience.

Approximately 80% of our business is computerized fuel systems. Due to today's technological advances, automobiles are becoming more complex. Some of them talk to you; and, some even talk to themselves. Most U.S. manufacturers as well as most Japanese manufacturers have on-board computers in their cars' fuel systems, with sensors to evaluate throttle position, coolant temperature, oxygen content in exhaust, engine load and many others. All of this to calculate proper fuel mixture and correct timing for any given circumstances and driving conditions. With these computerized fuel systems, there is no way of knowing what your automobile needs without a diagnosis. This is why we offer customers a diagnosis and estimate first!

carburetors Technicians at San Diego Carburetor have been rebuilding fuel systems expertly for decades. We have a large following of satisfied customers - some of whom, experienced our services upon opening our doors in San Diego 25 years ago.

We do not use existing market carburetor kits; we rebuild original carburetor bodies in foreign and domestic cars, motorhomes and boats by using individual new parts. Standard warranty is one year. Every repaired vehicle is set up to comply with state smog requirements, making it easy for you to get your certification at a licensed smog station.

We also rebuild many popular fuel injectors in use today. Ask about our "Injectors to Go!"


injectors warranty
Hot Rods directions testimonials links

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