Carburetor Tune-Ups

Repaired Carburetor in San Diego

Approximately 80% of our business is muscle cars, hot rods, vintage, classic, sportscars, exotic domestic & some foreign cars, and other valuable vehicles that require special attention when it comes to maintenance and repair. Whether you love your car for its speed and performance, its classic appeal, distinctive look, luxury, or all of the above, you want to make sure it is in full working order. The
appearance of your vehicle and maintaining a look with character and personality is important, but not as important as maintaining a powerful, smooth-running engine.

When it comes to carburetors and fuel injection systems, you are looking for peak performance at all times. We specialize in fuel induction systems, including complete carburetor rebuilds, carburetor repair and maintenance, ignition tune-ups and fuel injection cleaning, rebuilds, and repair.Carburetor Repair Shop in San Diego

Computerized Fuel Systems

We also specialize in computerized fuel systems. Today’s technological
advancements have made cars more complex and have also further
increased performance. Some cars can now talk to their owners and
passengers and some even talk to themselves, informing you of problems and keeping communication between all vehicle components steady. This sophisticated technology works to calculate proper fuel mixture and correct timing for any given circumstances and driving conditions. With these computerized fuel systems, there is no way of knowing what your automobile needs without a diagnosis. This is why we offer customers a diagnosis and estimate first. We utilize an advanced computerized tools to perform a full system check, and we also conduct a physical assessment of the fuel induction system. As we assess the vehicle, we document our findings and use the data to get to the root of the problem.

Rebuilding Fuel Systems

We clean, repair and maintain carburetors and fuel injection systems in new cars, classic cars, domestic models and foreign models. We also rebuild other carburetors in motor homes and boats across a variety of brands and models. When we rebuild a carburetor, we do not use existing market carburetor kits. Instead, we rebuild original carburetor bodies using individual new parts. After the rebuild, be provide you with a standard warranty up to one year. If the carburetor does not perform to your expectations or it has other problems, we will fix it. Some repaired vehicles are set up to comply with state smog requirements, as required. Making it easy for you to get your certification at a licensed smog station. If your fuel injector is slowing down your vehicle or decreasing fuel efficiency, we will inspect the fuel injector, perform a complete clean with a heated aqueous alkaline solution combined with ultra sound and reconstruct the system to have it working like new again.

Visit San Diego Carburetor at 6622 University Avenue or call (619) 265-2400 for a complete rebuild, repairs or maintenance on carburetors and fuel injection systems. Learn more about our services online or give us a call, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.