Fuel Injector Cleaning


Your existing injectors can perform as NEW.

Dirty Fuel Injector in San Diego Clean Fuel Injector in San Diego

We rebuild injectors quickly and efficiently using ourState-
of-the-art Computerized Flow Bench
The fuel injector is an essential part of your motor and your fuel delivery system. If your fuel injector is not clean or is not working properly, it can throw every other component in your engine off. San Diego Carburetor
provides specialized fuel injector cleaning and fuel injector repair in San Diego, California, for vehicle of all types.

With over 25 years of experience in testing, cleaning, perfecting and rebuilding high-performance cars, we can clean and repair nearly any fuel injector and restore your vehicle to full working order. No direct injectors at this time. Also no diesel injectors. Call for information as to who we know to help you.
Dirty fuel injectors cause an imbalance in your engine, disrupting the flow of oxygen and fuel your engine needs. As varnishes, lacquers, hard ash, carbon and tar deposits build up over time, they clog your fuel injector. This not only affects the speed and torque of your car, but it also dramatically reducesmach its fuel efficiency. We use a state-of-the-art computerized flow bench and a three-phase system to test and restore fuel injectors. Our test procedures systematically examine the fuel injector for leaks, and study the spray pattern and flow rates during simulated engine conditions. The results are documented before moving on to cleaning, disassembly and repair. We disassemble fuel injectors, perform a complete clean with a heated aqueous alkaline solution combined with ultra sound and repair the fuel injector. We then re-test for leaks and spray pattern, and compare the documented results. Finally, we run static and dynamic flow rate tests and complete the documentation. Once your fuel injector is back to peak performance, we return your injectors to you.

Renew your vehicle’s speed, maneuverability, torque and fuel efficiency. Contact us today for specialized fuel injector cleaning and repair in San Diego, California.

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