We want to thank all of our customers for their patronage and loyalty. Below you will find some of the comments we have received.


Tom Pranger, Chula Vista, CA. (82 Dodge Truck)

Hi Guys!
Just a note to say thank you! “Your honesty and Professionalism is a breath of fresh air in this modern times of get rich Quick mechanics.”


“I want to thank you once more for your fine, conscientious, reasonably price, and extra effort in making my “Bomb” safe and more cost-efficient for my girls and me. In the month that we celebrate “giving”, I feel that my Christmas has already come thanks to your work and wise counsel.

Life is full of character building, wallet-lightning challenges, and you’ve helped us significantly with this hurdle!”


Shaylon L Perry, U.S. Navy

“Thanks again for the outstanding professional service you did on the carburetor of my 1965 Pontiac Bonneville. I took it on a “test run” from San Diego to Denver, Colorado. It performed perfectly. (and still does!) I’ll stop by and see you in April after I return from overseas.”


carb5Robert H. Stichel, San Diego, CA

“I just got my ’65 T’Bird home safely with its re-built carburetor, and I want to send you this to tell you in writing how pleased I am with your prompt efficiency. The car runs like a dream. Many thanks & best wishes.”


Juan, Spring Valley, CA
“I finally got what I paid for in a carburetor job. What a difference in the job you did on my 1980 Chevrolet truck.

My wife has a 1992 Nissan Pathfinder which runs pretty smooth. Once in a while she rides with me in my truck. The other day, driving on the freeway in my truck, she says to me, “I noticed my antenna is falling off.” This is the truth, she really thought we were in the Pathfinder. I had to remind her we were riding in my truck. We both started to laugh. Thanks again for the great service.”


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